About UET

Uplands Enterprise Trust (UET) is a Swindon based charity that helps young people with SEND to help themselves.

UET is led by a knowledgeable board of voluntary Trustees and run by enthusiastic, skilled and creative staff.

Launched in 2012, the Trust is constantly developing, expanding and changing to improve the lives of disabled young people within Swindon and the surrounding areas. UET now provide a Skills for Ever for post 18, Saturday club and our farm for our educational partners at Brunel SEN MAT.

UET Farm

The UET Farm provision is based in Leigh a few miles outside of Swindon.

It offers young people the chance to engage and interact with livestock and learn life skills in health and safety, environmental care, life processes and horticulture.

The farm provision offers a variety of activities for young people with SEND, including complex learning difficulties. Young people have the opportunity to interact with their peers and the staff while taking part in practical hands on experiences.

Skills for Life

Our Skills for Life provision is based at the Community Enterprise Centre in  Penhill.

Launched in 2014 at our Community Enterprise Centre in Penhill, Skills for Life offers an engaging and varied day facility. The CEC offers a wonderful catering kitchen, a garden which is also home to our rabbit Jessie, sensory room and function room for group activities. Life Skills are encouraged so shopping for catering supplies along with the cooking and cleaning up is as part of the day as using the washing machine. Relaxation with the help of sensory sessions are as popular as the up- beat discos and age appropriate craft activities.

Skills for Work

Our Skills for Work Provision is based across three locations in Gorse Hill.

Autumn 2019 was the beginning of a new provision for UET - Skills for Work. We recognised that not everyone was ready for a work place after education and not all were suited to the Skills for Life offer and so Skills for Work was launched to provide tailored work skills. The provision offers training in electrical testing (PAT), online selling, administrating, caring, catering, logistics, recycling, horticulture, customer service and lots more. The young people receive interview and CV support and have the opportunity to aim for volunteer, paid employment or self-employed roles.

Saturday Club

Our Saturday Club is based at the Community Enterprise Centre in Penhill.

Saturday clubs have always been a popular feature of UET. We have revamped and relaunched the offer in 2019 to accommodate a  weekly Saturday club for young people with SEND.